45W 20V 2.25A Laptop Charger for Lenovo Ideapad 710 100 110 110s 120s 310 320 320s 510 510s 710s 720s ;Yoga 710 11 14 15; Flex 4 1130 1470 N22 N23 GX20K11838 Power Adapter Supply Cord - Angelsmarketplace.shop

45W 20V 2.25A Laptop Charger for Lenovo Ideapad 710 100 110 110s 120s 310 320 320s 510 510s 710s 720s ;Yoga 710 11 14 15; Flex 4 1130 1470 N22 N23 GX20K11838 Power Adapter Supply Cord

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Product Description


The adapter charger has been test to ensure 45 Watt laptop models:

The adapter is a round head connector size: 4.0×1.7 (please note Not fit for USB Type-C or Micro USB)

Compatible with Lenovo Ideapad

Ideapad 100, 100S Series (NOT 11.6″ Models)

100-14IBY 80MH: 80MH000XUS, 80MH000YUS, 80MH0012US, 80MH005HUS, 80MH005KUS, 80MH005LUS

100-15IBD 80QQ: 80QQ002DUS, 80QQ002DUS, 80QQ0060US, 80QQ00CEUS, 80QQ00E6US, 80QQ00JGUS, 80QQ00L4US / 80KQ: 80KQ0060US

100-15IBY 80MJ: 80MJ0017US, 80MJ0018US, 80MJ0019US, 80MJ001AUS, 80MJ001BUS 80MJ00AEUS

100S-14IBR 80R9: 80R90004US, 80R9005JUS, 80R9005KUS, 80R90073US, 80R900FPUS, 80R900FXUS, 80R900FYUS

Ideapad 110,110S Series:

110-15ACL 80TJ: 80TJ002CUS, 80TJ002DUS, 80TJ002EUS, 80TJ00BRUS; 110-15IBR 80T7: 80T7000HUS, 80T70011US, 80T70012US, 80T700ACUS;

110-15ISK 80UD: 80UD0017US, 80UD001RUS, 80UD007KUS, 80UD00M3US

110-17ACL 80UM: 80UM0034US; 110-17IKB 80VK: 80VK003KUS

110S-11IBR 80WG: 80WG0001US


ljo-eeihljo-eeih Why Choose CHOETECH?

Reliable For Users – compliant with UL/FCC/CE standards, this product has undergone rigorous quality control tests charging safely at the fastest possible speed.

45W High-Quality Charger

High quality and perfect service

LJO-EEIH As a Professional Notebook Power Supplier. We have a complete factory system and are committed to creating high-quality products.The production line implements strict quality control procedures to better serve you.We provide you with higher quality with exquisite workmanship so that you can use it more easily.We have perfect after-sales service to give you safer and more reliable products and services.
Input : 100-240V , 50/60 Hz; DC-Output : 20V-2.25A-45W DC Connecter size: connector Ø 4.0 x 1.7 mm; The charger comes with the US 3 Prong POWER CABLE

IdeaPad 120S,130,130S Series:

120S-11IAP 81A4: 81A40025US, 81A40025US ; 120S-14IAP 81A5: 81A5001UUS

130-14IKB 130-15IKB 130-15AST

130S-11IGM 130S-14IGM

Ideapad 300S, 310, 320, 320S Series:

310-151SK 80SM: 80SM0058US, 80SM00JSUS, 80SM00Q7US, 80SM0048US, 80SM00RHUS, 80SM0074US

310-15ABR 80ST: 80ST001MUS, 80ST001NUS, 80ST0025US, 80ST005VUS, 80ST005XUS, 80ST0005US, 80ST000KUS

310-15IKB 80TV: 80TV00BJUS, 80TV00WGUS, 80TV00WKUS, 80TV00BGUS, 80TV00W1US

310-15ISK 320-15IAP 80XR: 80XR00ALUS

320-17IKB 80XM: 80XM00GRUS, 80XM00GRUS

320S 320S-14IKB 320S-15IKB 80X4: 80X4000WUS


Ideapad 510, 510S, 520, 520S, 710S Series

510-15IKB 80SV: 80SV0056US; 510-15ISK 80SR: 80SR002SUS, 80SR004QUS

510S-14IKB 80UV: 80UV001AUS, 80UV001BUS

510S-14ISK 80TK: 80TK001DUS, 80TK002GUS, 80TK002JUS, 80TK002PUS, 80TK002QUS, 80TK002RUS

520-14: 520 2-in-1 14; 520-15: 520-15IKB

520S-14: 520S-14IKB


power cordpower cord



Plum blossom thread

3 Pin Plug .Make safer and durable.Special heat-resistant materiais.


A suite of safeguards 100% protect your devices while charging.Including overcurrent, short-circuit, overdischarge & high temperature protections.

High-quality durable wire

The structure is soft and stable, not easy to kink, good bending performance, a certain degree of wear resistance and bending resistance.

IdeaPad 710/710S/720/720S Series:

710-11IKB 80V6: 80V6000PUS, 80V6001WUS; 710-11ISK 80TX: 80TX0007US

710-14IKB 80V4: 80V4000GUS; 710-14ISK 80TY: 80TY0009US

710S Plus Touch-13IKB 710S Plus-13IKB 710S-13IKB 80VQ: 80VQ001VUS, 80VQ001WUS, 80VQ003FUS

710S-13ISK 80SW: 80SW002AUS, 80SW002MUS, 80SW002NUS, 80SW0032US

720S-14IKB V110-17IKB V320-17IKB

Compatible with Lenovo Chromebook N22, N23 (NOT N23 Yoga), N42, 100S, N22-20

Compatible with Lenovo Yoga Series

Yoga 11 Yoga 310-11IAP Yoga 510 Yoga 510-14AST Yoga 510-14IKB Yoga 510-14ISK Yoga 520 Yoga 520-14IKB Yoga 520-14IKB Yoga 530 Yoga 530-14IKB Yoga 710-11ISK Yoga 710-14IKB Yoga 710-14ISK Yoga 710-15IKB Yoga 710-15ISK Yoga C640 Yoga C640-13IML Yoga S740 charger

Compatible with Lenovo Flex

Flex 10 Flex 15D Flex 4 Flex 4-1130 Flex 4-1435 Flex 4-1580 Flex 5-1470 Flex 5-1470 Flex 5-14ARE05 Flex 5-15IIL05 Flex 6 Flex 6-14IKB FLEX-14IML FLEX-14IWL Flex-15IIL FLEX-15IML FLEX-15IWL charger

Compatible PN :

ADL45WCC ADLX45NCC3A ADLX45NAC3A PA-1450-55LL PA-1450-55LN GX20K11838 ADP-45DW BA ADP-45DW B PA-1450-55LL PA-1450-55LN PA-1450-55LR 5A10H42918 5A10H42925 5A10H42922 5A10H42919 SA10M42711 SA10M42742 SA10M42530 5A10H42926 5A10H42920 5A10H43623 5A10H43627 5A10H43617 5A10H43626 5A10H43621 5A10H43632 SA10M42785

Product Type :20V 2.25A 45Watt Input: AC 100-240V 50-60HZ. Round head connector size: 4.0×1.7 (Please note Before purchasing, please check that the specifications match your computer model)
Charger Compatible wiht LenovoYoga 710 11”, 14” and 15″, Flex 4-1435, Flex 4-1470, Flex 4-1570, Flex 4-1130, Miix 510, IdeaPad 100s 14”, IdeaPad 110 14”,15” and 17″, IdeaPad 100 14”and 15”, IdeaPad 310 14” and 15”, IdeaPad 710s 13”, IdeaPad 310s 11”and 15”, IdeaPad 110s 11”
Laptop Charger for Lenovo Ideapad 100, 100s (14.1″ 15.6″ 17″ Models ONLY ) ; Ideapad 110, 110s, 120S, 310, 320, 320S, 510, 510S, 520s, 710, 710S Plus, 720S, B50 ;Chromebook 100s, N22, N23, N42 ; Miix 510; Flex 4 1130, 1480, 1580, 1470, 1570; Flex 5 1470, 1570 ;80TJ 80XM 81A4 81A5
Providing Quality Power Products and Excellent Customer Service,24 x 7 Email Support,12 Months warranty, 30 Days Money Back Guarantee!Buy with confidence!

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